The Footprint Travel Story

Our Love Affair With Travel

Hello! I’m Mia, the owner of Footprint Travel. You may have seen me if you’ve passed our little travel office in Prestwich village, usually chatting animatedly to my customers about holiday ideas over a cuppa.

To me, there is nothing more exciting than travel (honestly, I love it all, even the airplane food!) and when I set up Footprint Travel in 2016, my goal was to try and make booking a holiday as relaxed, stress free and inspiring as actually going on holiday…or at least as close as we can get! 

After all, these are the precious few weeks a year that we all look forward to (not to mention, spend considerable money on), so surely there’s a better way to book than spending your hard-earned evenings scrolling through websites, guessing where you should go, and getting annoyed and confused. That’s where I come in.  

I started Footprint from my attic, with a small base of wonderful clients who entrusted me with planning their special trips. Slowly, through word-of-mouth and lots of hard work, the business grew, and I knew I wanted to create a space where people could come and meet me face-to-face to chat about their holidays in a relaxed and inspiring environment. Somehow, stars aligned and we found our little office space we now call home (or rather, it found us, but that’s another story), and our new adventure into retail began.

Even though I now have a much bigger client list, I pride myself on getting to know every single customer who books their holiday with us. Understanding what you love and hate, your expectations, dreams and budget allow me to plan a holiday that I know will blow you away!  

I really believe I have the best job in the world. What could be better than helping people plan dream holidays, once-in-a-lifetime honeymoons and tick things off their bucket list? If you’d like to pop in and chat with me about a trip you’re planning, please give me a call, or book your appointment today.

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