5 reasons why mini-moons are a fantastic idea!

Dec 21, 2017Blog, Honeymoon, Weddings

Weddings are an expensive business and adding a ‘mini-moon’ (or a post-wedding mini break) into the mix seems like another expense to add to the endless planning. But these micro holidays are increasing in popularity, and can even help to eliminate a lot of the stress during the run-up to the big day, as well as give you time and budget to make your honeymoon amazing. And here’s why:


1. Wait for the best weather

You may be dreaming of the perfect Caribbean getaway, but if you want to travel straight after a late summer or early autumn wedding, you could be starting married life with a tropical storm (in the literal sense). Don’t compromise your plans by risking travelling in shoulder season. It’ll be worth the wait when you’re soaking up the sun and showing off your well-earned tan.

Water Villas, Maldives

Floating Water Villas, Maldives


2. Extend your trip

With all the annual leave that is often necessary in the run-up to a wedding (hen and stag weekends are just the start of it. We’re talking dress fittings, hair and make-up trials, menu tastings, rehearsals…the list goes on), delaying your trip by a few months may even give you the opportunity to extend your time away by using some of next year’s holiday allowance. If you’re planning the holiday of a lifetime, surely you don’t want to be worrying about how quickly you’ll have to be back behind a desk.


3. Allow some extra time to save for that dream destination

You’d be surprised how much the cost of a wedding can escalate as you get near to the big day (who knew bio-degradable confetti was so expensive!?). So why have the added financial pressure of final honeymoon payments, not to mention spending money and a new holiday wardrobe, to throw into the mix. Give yourselves a little more time to save for something extra special – you might even want to use money gifted to you on your wedding day towards an upgrade or special excursion.


4. Pretend it’s your wedding day for just a little longer

Who said you only get one day!? There are so many special moments that follow a wedding, and being miles from home you may miss out on these (someone needs to eat all that leftover cake, after all!). With many popular mini-moon destinations being a little closer to home, you can take along all your wedding cards and gifts and spend time opening them together, or ask your photographer to email you a sneak preview of your wedding shots, and just enjoy time together reflecting on your day.



5. Save something to look forward to

Well, as well as spending the rest of your lives together of course! With the overwhelming emotion and excitement of the day, as well as months of planning, it’s likely that you may get a touch of the post-wedding blues as you get back to reality. With a future honeymoon on the horizon, you can start a new countdown to the best holiday of your lives (plus, trying to pack for a 2 week holiday on the eve of your wedding is definitely not the one!).


Whether it’s a seaside beach hut in Cornwall, a romantic lake house in the Highlands, or a city break to Paris, Footprint Travel can ensure your mini-moon (and your honeymoon!) are in the safest of hands. Call us today on 0161 772 0149 to discuss your plans.